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SeedCodeCalendar8: SendingEmail

How do I email a contact?

If the contact has a valid email address (we consider this a phone, fax, or email entry labeled with a class of "Email" and a @ somewhere in the address) then you'll see a green @ beside the email address. Clicking on this @ will start an email message to that contact in your email application of choice.

Note that this is somewhat limited by FileMaker Pro's ability to speak with your email client. Search FileMaker's built in Help for "email" to learn more about supported email clients.

How do I email a found set of contacts?

The best way to do this is to select "Send Mail" from FileMaker's File menu once you've built the found set of contacts you'd like to send the email to. You'll be taken to a new FileMaker window where you can specify the address, subject, and body of the email. Some or all of these attributes can be taken from fields in the SeedCodeContacts database. We imagine you'll at least want to take the "To:" address from the database. Use this field as the To: address...


Be sure to check that send mail window carefully to make sure you've entered the message as you intended and that you've selected to send this to the found set of contacts instead of just the current contact's record.

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