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I'm wondering if it is possible to create a new layout based on the month calendar and how monthly reports of how many appointments there were each day and how long they took. I'd also like a layout to show quartly numbers and one for yearly.
I'm not sure how to lock in the months since I just cllick on the right/left arrow to get the month I want to see.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please and thank you!
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Hi Robin,

A couple approaches....

1. These reports sound more like summary reports than 30-day grids to me: they are certainly easier to build that way. To create these as summary reports you'll add a new summary field to the appointments table. Have it count the primary key in the table: ApptID_kprime.

Then duplicate the "Print - Appointments" layout as the basis for your new report. This layout already summarizes by day so adding your new field to the subsummary part would get you the counts by day. (You can delete the body part if you want). Remember that subsummary reports are based on the found set of appointments (so you can run this for a month of days or a quarter of days) and need to be sorted.

To summarize by quarter or year you'd make new layouts that summarize on calculated field which return the quarter or the year of the appointment's date.

2. If you really want to see this as a month view, you can duplicate the existing month layout as your starting point. Then create 7 new calc fields in the Filter table: each counting the activities for one day of the week. Define these from the context of CalendarMonth; the calcs would look like this:

Count ( CalMonthAppointments1::ApptID_kprime )

Count ( CalMonthAppointments2::ApptID_kprime )


Now, only your newly duplicated month view layout, delete the portals for each day and the field within the day. You'll need to move the container fields from on top of each day: be sure to slide them to the side in such a a way that you can put them back exactly where they came from (I wouldn't use send-to-back, etc. to accomplish this). Then add your new calc fields to each day: Count ( CalMonthAppointments1::ApptID_kprime )
in the first day's column, Count ( CalMonthAppointments2::ApptID_kprime ) in the second, etc.

This should print one month just fine. If you need to print multiple months you'll want a loop that prints the first month, then switches to the next month before printing it, etc.

Hope that helps,

John Sindelar

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