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The Scheduling Edition of CC Calendar shows a grid of the day's appointments, with resources across the top (as columns) and times down the side (as rows). This *very* simple mod allows you to toggle the values used as resources (columns) so that they can alternately be your resources (rooms, vehicles, etc.) or your users (teachers, drivers, technicians, etc.).

The Mod.

a) In the CCCalAppts table, change the definition of ApptKeyResourceCalc to be ApptResource & "�" & "-" & "�" & ApptUser

(Those �s should be paragraph symbols.)

b) Then create two "types" of resources. One type would be "People" where you'd enter the same initials you use in your User List. The second type, "Resources" would be a more traditional list of resources.

With this setup you can use the calendar's Resource Type filter to view the same schedule with Resources across the top of the scheduling screen, or with People at the top, simply by toggling the filter.

That's It!

(This is one of the best things about FM7/8, in my opinion. It is so easy to make individual elements of a multi-criteria relationship themselves multi-valued.)

Of course, you'll likely name your resource types something like "Instructors" instead of people- and you can have any number of these types if you'd like to group your people into different segments, but you get the idea.
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