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Here's how you can show the week number in all the month windows in CC Calendar. This is very easy to do: we'll begin by adding a week number to the Mini Caledars on the Daily Views.

Note that this feature is now included in all our newer calendars.

1. Define Fields.

In the Days table of CCCalendar define the following field:


This will be a calcuation, returning the type Number , with the following definition:

Code: Select all
Let ( [
m = Max ( DayNumber1 ; DayNumber2 ; DayNumber3 ; DayNumber4 ; DayNumber5 ; DayNumber6 ; DayNumber7 ) ;
d = If ( m > 0 ; m - DayStartMonday )
] ;

WeekOfYearFiscal ( d ; 2 )


2. Layout Work.

Begin by drag selecting all three mini calendars on the daily view (the Free Version of CC Calendar has only 1 mini calendar). Once these are all selected, select "Unlock" from the Arrange menu to unlock them. While all the items in the mini calendars are stil selected, use your arrow keys to nudge them 10 px to the right, making room for the week numbers to the left of each mini calendar.

Then, select each of the mini calendar portals and extend them off to the left by dragging the lower left "handle" of each portal. Once these are extended, the portals will look like the screen shot below in layout mode:


Once this is done, you'll likely want to select the light grey border covering each of the mini calendars and bring it the front (Arrange / Bring to Front) so that it isn't hidden by you're newly widened portal.

3. Assigning & Formatting the field.

Now copy the first day number in each portal row and paste it to the left of the mini calendar so that it is within the space created by our newly widened portals. Double click on the field you just pasted there and you'll see it is set up to be a button. Change the button assignent so that each of these fields "Do Nothing." Now double click on this field and switch it from DayNumber1 to DayWeekNumberCalc: the field you defined above. Assign the field a nice light grey text color.

Enter browse mode and your week number should look like this:


4. Wrapping Up.

Remember that there are several configurations of the daily view in the Pro calendars, so you'll need to add week numbers to the mini calendars on all of them. Fortunately, the entire mini calendar object can be copied and pasted from one daily view layout to all the others.

Finally, you may wish to re-lock the mini calendar so they don't accidentally get nudged when you're editing other aspects of these layouts; simply select "Lock" from the Arrange menu to lock any selected objects in layout mode.

5. Going Further: Other Layouts.

Year View and Filters.

Doing this to the year view is essentially the same as doing the daily views, there are just more mini calendars on the year view. The only other mini calendars in CC Calendar appear on the filter mini windows. You can navigate to these layouts in layout mode and paste in one of your already-edited calendars from the daily view; be sure to copy the "middle" mini calendar from the daily view. (Note that we don't use the "blue dots" from the mini calendar when we show it on the filter windows, but they don't want to delete them from your pasted mini calendar.)

Week and Scheduling View.

If you want to include the week number beside the date on the Week view (or on the Scheduling tab of the SE calendar) you'll define a field similar to DayWeekNumberCalc. This one will be defined in the Calendar table. Call it...


... and define it as:

Code: Select all
WeekOfYearFiscal ( CalFilterDateGlob ; 2 )

Simply place this field anywhere on the Week or Scheduling view and you're all set. Note that this is the same field you'd use if you wanted to show the week number of the selected day on the daily view(s).

Month Views.

You'll need to define a new field to show a week number beside each week on the month view. Define a field in the Calendar table called..


...and define it as:

Code: Select all
WeekOfYearFiscal ( CalDateCalc4 ; 2 )

You'll have enough room to the left of the first day of the week to place this field at about 15 pt type:


Thats it!
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John Sindelar
SeedCode Staff
SeedCode Staff
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Joined: Thu Nov 20, 2003 11:01 am
PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 7:33 am
Note that week numbers are now built into the Free and Pro versions of SeedCode Calendar.
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