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I was having an issue with blank records being added to my Hosted file with each sync from a mobile device. After some back and forth with Todd G and some diagnostic debugging I finally found the cause of my issue. This issue was caused by me working too quickly, thankfully I keep a log of my actions and was able to trace it back to its origin. The date the blank records began coincided with my editing the CUSTOM FIELD MAPPING transformation and hooks script found in Gozync Mobile. I used this script to add tracking capabilities to my file so I can tell who's doing what with my data. The error I found with my work was a typical copy/paste and edit mistake. I had forgot to edit a SetField action on the Push Action side of the above mentioned script which resulted in the creation of blank records in the Hosted file. basically the referenced field equaled the TO that was getting the blank records. This error was hard to find because I was looking in the wrong place while debugging.

Else If $TOName= "gzm_Equipment"
SetField gzh_Inspections::Checked_Out"Updated" should have been edited to gzh_Equipment::Checked_Out"Updated"

As you can see when pushing a record from gzm_Equipment I was setting a field in my gzh_inspections TO.
The blank records I assume were being created in Gozync Mobile and passed on to my hosted file without my being able to follow it in the debugger.

Just felt the need to share this experience with others. Gozync support is incredible, I'm sure if I had sent my files to Todd when he first offered to look at them he would have found my mistake quickly but I like to figure things out and fix them myself (stubborn I guess).

Thanks to Todd Geist of Geist Interactive and all the guys at SeedCode for your support.
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience on the forum here! Much appreciated. Most of all, glad to hear you were able to resolve this blank record issue.

Thanks again,

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