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Does anybody know how to show the schedule view monthly like the image below instead of daily @ 15min intervals:


Many thanks in advance for any help given :wink:

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Hi Col,

Thanks for your post. This would be an interesting mod to the calendar, though definitely a ton of work. You'd basically be replacing the content in our Hours table with content representing days instead. The trouble is, however, that we haven't set up the hours table to "change" based on what day you're looking at. That is, 8am is always 8am, in your scenario, sometimes it would need to be March 5th and other times April 5th. Definitely some interesting ideas there.

You know we do have a product that looks like that. Our Gantt Charts display things much as you suggest, with the advantage that the range (30 days from left to right in your example) can be any width (two months, two years, etc.)

However, our Gantt Chart isn't really a resource grid because each of the Gantt Chart's rows represent a single milestone (or event) whereas each of the rows you depicted represent a resource. One difference is that a given resource could have gaps in its bar, indicating times or days when the resource was not used. In our gantt chart, there are no gaps in a bar as subsequent milestones, or subsequent production tasks, are their own row with their own bars.

What you're describing is more of a "cell based" schedule than what we have going on in the calendar. Such a cell based schedule is more about whole days than specific times. We've done a number of these as custom projects (a screen shot follows) and would be happy to speak with you about that if you'd like to email me directly ( john at ).

Hope that helps,


Here is an example of one of the cell based charts we've done:

John Sindelar

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