Move records up by one appoinment - an array?

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I have produced my lesson planning database and am starting to add some functionality to it. Thanks again for the amazing calendar interface.

I have about a dozen courses, each with a course ID. I have from 3 to 50 lessons for each course. The number of lessons in total is non negotiable.

Each lesson appears in place of an appointment ( i used the existing appointments, just changed most of the fields).

My challenge.

Having prepared all of the activities and stuff for each lesson, I find that for eg. at lesson 10 things go pear shaped and i need to insert a lesson or two. Therefore need to shift all lessons up and knock one or two off the end. Sometimes I will have some revision "slack lessons" at th eend which I could rob from the scheme.

I am wondering whether I should use and array to copy all records in the scheme for the course and then move them up, or whether i should simply run through the records in the table copying each one as i go and replacing it with the previous record right there in the table.

I would be interested to know whether anyone has any advce on this one. It is possible that someone will say that there is a way to do this built into FM but I can't see it.

Any advice please....much apreciated.



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