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Hi, I have calender SE connected to my contatcs so I can see my appointments in my contacts file and it really works great! Now I would like to get the appointments dates out to different fields. Let me explain, when I have an appointment over several days for example from tuesday 17/3 to thursday 19/3 I only can get out the start and end date and not the 18/3.
I would like get the first date to field1, second to field2 etc. Is that possible? Also, if the above is possible, when I have 2 different bookings I can see the second appointment in portal in the contact file I would these dates to show up in a field called field21 for the first date, field22 for second etc....
I hope You understand me!
Thanks for a great product!
Svenska Klasskort
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Hi Svenska,

It sounds like you could write a loop that would set subsequent fields with each "date" in an appointment. But I'm not sure what you're really trying to do here: get the dates "out" to fields in which table? What are your trying to do with these dates that can't be done with the appointment record as they are?

Let me know more. =)
John Sindelar

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