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PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:12 am
I have a script for printing a month view with appointments. This works fine on Macs, but on PC's the last day of the week (Saturday) flows over the edge of the page and is only partly visible. I experimented the same thing with the new "SeedCodeCalendarFree" and had exactly the same problem. Would someone know what I need to do to correct this?
SeedCode Staff
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:33 am
You want to change the page scaling so you're printing at something like 85%. How you do this depends on your printer and printer drivers; sometimes it's not so obvious, sometimes it's impossible.

If that's not an option on your printer you can duplicate the layout we're using to print and make a slightly smaller version of it that fits within your page bounds: you'd only use this layout for printing so you can make other cosmetic changes at the same time.

Hope that helps,

John Sindelar

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