Version History

What is the latest build of SQLexplorer?

The version number for your copy of the explorer can be found in the lower left of the Queries layout on the 'Introduction' tab.

Latest Build The latest build is 1.32 (January 14,2015) We added some example code for firing a FileMaker script from the "JavaScript" portal and passing a column value as a parameter. Also added a routine which will hide the first column of the query so you can include a value like your primary key to use as a script parameter, but not have the value display in your "portal."

To update an 1.3 to 1.32 simply download the new version of SQLexplorer here and copy the contents of these scripts into your build (providing you haven't previously modified them in your build)

Configure jQGrid
Test Query

That's it!

For more details on these changes please see our blog post here

Build 1.3 (December 3, 2013) Small fixes to the way we hide objects so they are compatible with FileMaker 12 and 13. We also changed the way we handle the CSS objects in the web viewer. They are now exported directly to the Temp Directory rather than attempting to create an images/ folder and exporting them there. The images now properly display in FileMaker Go and in Mavericks. The fields in the Queries table have not changed, so importing your queries from 1.29 into 1.3 will be the easiest way to upgrade. However, upgrading to 1.3 for FileMaker 13 is not required, but you may see some oddities related to Hidden Objects in 1.29 as referenced here. The only script that has been updated is Export CSS and Images (Boolean), so you can download. 1.3 and copy the script contents and paste them into the script in 1.29. This is only needed if the small CSS images aren't showing in the Web Viewer Portal.

Build 1.29 (July 19, 2013). First public build with the Web Viewer Portal as previewed here. Fixed some bugs with field filtering on the Criteria Tab. Improved CSV exports on Windows. Columns using the AS statement to create aliases will have those aliases used as headers in the exports and can also be accessed in the copied query calculations. Added support for FileMaker "Schema" tables: FileMaker_Tables and FileMaker_Fields. Please download a new version of the explorer here.

Build 1.07 (March 7, 2013). We fixed a stay field on the Joins tab and repaired a bug where your query operator would disappear if you edited the query by hand.

Build 1.06 (March 1, 2013). This build introduces filtering of fields when selecting them for queries, sorts, or find criteria, and lets you copy an *abstracted* version of your query into your file. These abstracted versions are less verbose that in previous explorers and survive field renaming: they're what we use in all our custom work. Version 1.06 also abstracts queries you just type into the explorer, so even if you can write SQL queries quickly, the explorer saves you the trouble of quoting and abstracting all your field and table names. =)

Build 1.02 (August 12, 2012). Corrected a bug where we weren't respecting two predicates in the JOINs.

Build 1.01 (May 7, 2012) where we've now quoted table names as well as field names in the query.

Build 1.0 (May 2, 2012) Our first public release.

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