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GoZync ships with two versions of TimeZync. One can be used like a traditional FileMaker file and connects to your hosted files when entering data (the Live copy) and a second version can work offline and sync new time records back to your hosted solution (the Zynced copy).

This offline version has GoZync built into it and requires a ProZync license in order to sync.

Here is a bit more on the differences between the two versions...

Live Version

Who it's for.

Best for folks who always have a high-speed connection from their iPhone to their FileMaker Server/Host. This would be the case if you were logging time while in the same building (on the same wifi network) as your Server/Host.

How it works.

There are two files in the Live Version folder. TimeZyncData.fmp12 goes on your Sever/Host and contains the time data. TimeZyncLive.fmp12 goes on your iPhone. It has no data of its own and just contains the interface for working with the hosted data.
You could, of course, host TimeZyncLive.fmp12 as well, changing the file reference for TimeZyncData.fmp12 to simply file:TimeZyncData but then the interface has to come over the wire to your iPhone also and that can slow things down a bit.
Note that the table occurrences in TimeZyncLive.fmp12 all come from the other, hosted file.
Contract that with the setup in the Zynced Version below.

Zynced Version

Who it's for.

Best for people who need to log time out of the office or need a faster user experience than they can get when connecting live.

How it works.

The Live Version has GoZync added to it so that it can periodically push new time records to the Server/Host. GoZync also lets it pull new Projects, Phases, and Tasks, along with pulling new versions of the offline file itself as needed.
You'll need a ProZync license in order to use this version and your need one ProZync device license for each offline device.
Unlike the live version, the table occurrences in TimeZyncLocal.fmp12 all come from the local file, so this version is very fast as it only needs to reach out to the Served/Hosted files while syncing.
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