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BackMagic is no longer available--written in FM8.5, it's more complicated than it needs to be and most folks can now write a "back" system in FM13 without our help. Docs follow for folks who already have this installed.

The latest version of BackMagic is 1.06 (5/9/2007). Version History

BackMagic lets you easily add "Back" and "FWD" buttons to your solution without having to script all your navigation. BackMagic follows you no matter how you navigate and lets you go "back" just like you do in a web browser. BackMagic remembers the layout, frontmost tab, and status area state of the layouts you've visited. And it's easy to add to exiting solutions.

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License: BackMagic is free to use and include in all your solutions as long as you credit SeedCode.

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