Version History

What is the latest version of BackMagic?

The version number for your build of BackMagic can be found at the bottom of the Demo's About tab. You can also find this in the code for the custom function "SeedCode_BackMagic_Log"

The latest version is 1.07 (Feb 1st, 2010) Thanks to Patricia Carney for finding a bug where we sometimes went back to the wrong tab if the destination tab was on a layout with tabs nested 3 or more layers deep. This has been fixed with a revised version of the SeedCode_FrontTabName custom function: you can find the function in the latest version of the download here: downloads.

Version 1.06 (May 9th, 2007) This version changed the custom functions so that we can record more than one frontmost tab.

Version 1.04 (March, 8th 2007) This is our inaugural release and rearranged the repetitions in our field so that they could be pasted on the layout as repetitions 1 through 5 instead of 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, etc.

Version 1.03 (March, 5th 2007) was our preview release.

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