How can I change the field that is counted in the left hand side bar of GoMaps?

We call this the "inspected" count, though you can change this to count any field you'd like. We also use this to conditionally show the green check mark on list view. Again, you can base this on another field if you'd like.

Here is how we currently know that a record is "inspected". The field "Properties::gm_IsInspected" in GoMaps is defined as:

Case (Status = "Done" ; 1)

Change that calculation to anything you'd like as long as it returns a 1 if the record should be considered "inspected" and the checkmark should go green.

What if I want it to say something besides "Inspected"?

No problem. Take a look at the field "Properties::gm_IsInspected" in GoMaps and don't rename it, but do change its field comment =)

Then run the script "Compile Map Data And Settings" to see your settings changed.

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