Pro Maps Version History

What is the latest build of ProMaps.

The build number for your copy of ProMaps can be found on the Home layout or in the field MapSettings::VersionCalc.

A new version of ProMaps was launched in August of 2016; this new version is a paid upgrade and you can find version history for it, along with upgrade instructions, here: the new ProMaps..

The last original build of ProMaps is 1.03 (April 7th, 2014). This build fixed a bug that would cause property pins to not display under certain circumstances based on area filters. A bug that would prevent a file from properly recovering from a deleted setup record was fixed. Display rendering issues related to hidden text in Filemaker 13 was also fixed. ProMaps can now utilize script URL's if opened in Filemaker Pro 13v2 or later. This allows links in popovers to function without being executed from a hosted file.

To bring an existing copy up to this version please Backup your file, then download ProMaps 1.03 and copy the contents of these items into your file (replacing the existing contents)...

Export Map HTML
Build Area List

MapSettings:: VersionCalc

Layout Objects:
Then copy the calculation contents of the map layout object (the web viewer object that displays the map).

In the layout "ProMaps Template” replace contents of the “mapDataTemplate” text object (looks like a bunch of html code). This is used for recovering from a deleted settings record or cloned file.

That's it. Just close the file and re-open it for all of the initialization scripts to do their thing and everything should now work as designed.

Please remember to replace the contents of the Scripts, Fields, and layout objects not the items themselves.

Build 1.02. This build added separation example file and finalized the separation model integration process. If you have already integrated ProMaps with your solution there is no need to grab this new build: changes here are just to make integrations with the separation model easier.

Build 1.0 (May 13, 2013). This is the initial release.

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