Migrating from GoZync3

How can I move from GZ3 to GZ4?


GoZync 4 is a free upgrade to our GoZync3x customers. Once you've downloaded GoZync4 from seedcode.com/downloads the upgrade process is pretty straight forward.

Much of this is re-integrating GoZync into your solution, but don't worry, version 4 makes the process simpler than it was last time, and some of your work (like defining fields) can be reused.

Just follow these instructions carefully, and take your time. And if you need any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Getting Started

1. Pull down a copy of all your files, including your mobile files, and back them up.
2. You'll do this work on a local machine, but pointing at your hosted files on your host or server... so you don't have to take those down. You actually don't have to make any changes to your hosted mothership files as the field you added for GoZync3 is all we need. The new versions of GoZyncHosted, GoZyncLicense, and GoZyncMobile will replace the GZ3 versions of those files on your desktop.
3. Enter your licenses into GoZyncLicense. If you don't remember doing that last time, read this: licensing.
4. In your mobile file, delete all the scripts you imported from GoZync (they're probably in the GoZync script folder). This will orphan any "sync" buttons you added to your layouts, but you'll point these at newly imported scripts later.
5. Now follow our integration instructions as if this were a new integration. But know that you've likely created our required fields already. The only exception to this would be local child tables where we only required one field in GZ3: in GZ4 we require the same 4 "gz_..." fields in all local tables.
6. When you're done with the integration instructions, fix any sync buttons you orphaned in step 3 above, and teach GoZyncMobile about any filtering you were doing in GZ3: filtering.
7. You can also delete any sync layouts from your mobile file that you created specifically for the sync in GZ3. We use the layouts in GoZyncMobile now in GZ4, not those in your file.
8. Finally prep your mobile file, possibly seeding the Field Level Merge database, and send that to your local copy of GoZyncHosted: distributing mobile files.

Deploying your new GZ4 files.

Hosting your new GZ4 files will replace the current copy of GoZyncHosted and once you do that your GZ3 users won't be able to sync any more. So here is how to make this as seamless as possible for your users.

1. Have all your users sync and then once they're done, delete both GoZync mobile files from their devices. (Both GoZyncMobile and your mobile file.)
2. Process the inbox in GoZyncHosted or just visit the inbox to make sure all records there are processed. When they are, close and remove GoZyncHosted and GoZyncLicense from your FileMaker Host or Server.
3. Host the new GoZync4 versions of GoZyncHosted and GoZyncLicense.
4. Email your users a link to the downloads page of GoZyncHosted: you'll find an email button on the downloads tab of GoZyncHosted. (More here: distributing mobile files)
5. Once you're up and running you can remove the Sync layouts from your hosted files--if you made new layouts just for sync--you no longer use them in GoZync4.


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