Whats New

GoZync 4 makes a lot of improvements over the last version. Here are our favorites (learn more at seedcode.com/gozync):

Simpler integration: new 1 page configuration screen
Related records now respect last sync time for faster syncs
Set fields inside the transaction: custom field mapping unleashed
Syncing calcs is vastly simplified
No prohibited characters in field or table names
Deletes are much faster - no need to turn them off as we did in some cases
No date-format issues for international deployments
Added a progress indicator on iOS
"Stop Sync" button in Pro easier for testing of big solutions
Email link to downloads page for distributing first versions of apps: all others updates are in-app
We don't open and close the files as often
Field Level Merge (FLM) works better 'cause it's faster
You can seed FLM before distributing: offers a big improvement in first-sync speed when using FLM
No field repetition limit on attachments
Better logging, including verbose FileMaker errors (if any)
Retry: if we get a 301 record lock error, we'll come back at end of sync (on the push only) and retry.
GoZync 4 is about 4x faster. For example
Speed: 500 record pull, 120 fields.
4:27 min (new version)
18 min (old version)
Speed: 500 record pull, 30 fields.
1:05 min (new version)
5 min (old version) Note how the number of fields effects sync speed
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