Adding NinjaCal to Your File.

1. Import the NinjaCal table (File > Manage Database > Tables > Import ).
If you don't have FileMaker Advanced, create a new table in your file called NinjaCal. Then move to the NinjaCal example file and copy the definition of the field "NinjaCal_basic" and create a calc in your file of the same name. Make sure the calculation result type is Date and that it is set to be unstored (click "Storage Options" then check "Do not store calculation results...").
That is the only field *required* for NinjaCal to work, but you may want to create the other four fields beginning with "NinjaCal..." the same way. These are used in the mult-calendar display and in portal filtering.
If you're using portal filtering you'll also want to create one record in the NinjaCal table.
2. Create relationship from your layout's table occurrence to the imported NinjaCal table occurrence. Select the "X" operator (instead of "=", making this a cartesian product) so your relationship looks something like this:
3. Import the NinjaCal script.
Select "Scripts / Manage Scripts" (or "Scripts / ScriptMaker" depending on your version of FileMaker) and click the import button at the bottom of the page. Select the NinjaCal file, and the script "NinjaCal ( action ; params )". It comes over without needing modification.
4. Copy and paste the NinjaCal widget into your layout.
That's it!

Note that we have a short (< 2 min) movie walking you through the integration

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