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SeedCode Complete works even better in FileMaker 14 with its faster performance and smoother animation. We've run across one small change for versions 4.37 (and before) that needs to be addressed when upgrading to 14. Versions 4.50 and above include the below change.

The scripts for editing the Notes and Events needs to have a subscript Refresh Connector added after the global field in the Selector is set. You can quickly find the scripts that need updating by using the filtering as shown below, and then add the sub-script in the same spot.


The release of Server 14 has introduced significant improvements to both the performance and feel of SeedCode Complete running in WebDirect and we're very excited to see the continued improvements to this exciting platform.

However, we did find one small issue when running SeedCode Complete in WebDirect 14. Fortunately the fix is easy!

Throughout the solution, we use small round buttons that are clear and have them placed over images. They have the style Button Clear Round The most common place they are used are in the attachment pop-overs in the note portals. In the Calendar file the style is named btn round clr.

Buttons styled: Button Clear Round

This button style has no fill, and in WD this means only the edge can be clicked. To make the entire button "clickable" we need to give it some fill, but to keep the button clear, we'll give it an opacity of just 1%. This is small enough to not be visible and now the buttons with this style can be clicked. Also, make sure that the Padding on all four sides is set to 0.

Be sure to save the changes to the style and to the theme. Being able to make this change on one place and having it applied universally throughout the file is one of the valuable benefits of working with styles and themes.

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