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What's New in GoZync 5

GoZync 5 makes some substantial speed improvements when pulling records by introducing Perform Script on Server (PSOS). This radically reduces the time it takes to determine which records have changed: this makes the biggest difference in cases where there are a large number of potential records but only some have changed since the last sync.

Speed: 100,000 records, 5,500 on this iPad, 100 records changed on the server and pulled down to iPad. 50 fields.
3:20 min (GoZync 4)
32 seconds to pull (GoZync 5)

Other cool changes include:

GoZync now only adds one hosted file to your solution (instead of two in GZ4). Opening one less hosted file means version 5 is faster even before the PSOS improvements take effect.
The script for filtering which records get pulled down to a given user is now in the hosted file so it can be tweaked after you deploy.
A new example file called Worx includes examples of syncing related records and checking out records. Scripts from Worx are easily pasted into your own files.
This example file has been "fingerprinted" to GoZync so you can use it indefinitely until you modify its tables or add fields--then you'll need to get a two week demo license or a ProZync License to keep going.
Upgrade and migration instructions are here.

GoZync 5 requires FileMaker 13. The download includes GZ5 files (for FM13) and GZ4 files (for FM12). Note that while GoZync does't require FileMaker server and can sync Pro-to-Pro, perform script on server does require server.

Learn more a about GoZync 5 and see movies of it in action at seedcode.com/gozync.

What's New in GoZync 4

GoZync 4 makes a lot of improvements over the last version. Here are our favorites:

Simpler integration: new 1 page configuration screen
Related records now respect last sync time for faster syncs
Set fields inside the transaction: custom field mapping unleashed
Syncing calcs is vastly simplified
No prohibited characters in field or table names
Deletes are much faster - no need to turn them off as we did in some cases
No date-format issues for international deployments
Added a progress indicator on iOS
"Stop Sync" button in Pro easier for testing of big solutions
Email link to downloads page for distributing first versions of apps: all others updates are in-app
We don't open and close the files as often
Field Level Merge (FLM) works better 'cause it's faster
You can seed FLM before distributing: offers a big improvement in first-sync speed when using FLM
No field repetition limit on attachments
Better logging, including verbose FileMaker errors (if any)
Retry: if we get a 301 record lock error, we'll come back at end of sync (on the push only) and retry.
GoZync 4 is about 4x faster. For example
Speed: 500 record pull, 120 fields.
18 min (old version)
4:27 min (new version)
Speed: 500 record pull, 30 fields.
5 min (old version) Note how the number of fields affects sync speed
1:05 min (new version)
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