Does CC Time Generate Invoices?

Applicable Versions: Single User Free, Single User Pro, Multi User Pro

No. CC Time is not an invoicing application, though it does let you prepare your time in ways that can be integrated with other invoicing practices. For instance...

a) Some users choose to send summary invoices out of their accounting package, entering one line for each of a client’s billing categories, for instance. This invoice would be delivered with separate reports detailing the hours invoiced, using a report format based on the Summary Report included in CC Time.
b) In the Pro Versions of CC Time, you can also report time as “Formatted Text.” This option, to be found in the lower left of the reports tab, will assemble a found set of time into a single text string that you can paste into other invoicing applications. (Note that may accounting packages limit the amount of text you can enter on to one line; in such cases, option a. above may be a better bet.
c) If you are using a FileMaker based invoicing application, you can import line items from CC Time (from CCTimeData, actually) into that application.
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