How can I print my time records?

Applicable Versions: Single User Free, Single User Pro, Multi User Pro

Click on the Reports Tab. In the Free version you’ll see a button “Print Summary Report” in the header of that tab’s list view. You can use this report as the basis of your own, new reports or invoice layouts.

In the Pro versions you’ll see two options for printed reports in the bottom left section of the reports screen. The first is a traditional subsummary report that you can use as the basis for your own reports or invoices. The second option (with the post-it note icon beside it) will transform your time records into a single text block that you can paste into other documents, email messages, or invoices.

From the Log Time screen you can also hit the “View As List” button at the top of the Filtered Hours portal. This will take you to a list view of your time records which you can print if you wish.

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