How do I Secure CC Time?

Applicable Versions: Single User Free, Single User Pro, Multi User Pro

CC Time ships without any passwords or security in place (with the exception of the locked CCTSettings file containig the plugin registration code). You’ll likely want to add some basic security to this system before you deploy it. In most cases this will mean simply adding to CC Time whatever security you have in place in your existing solutions.

There are just a few additional things you might want to keep in mind.

First, we stringly suggest that you edit the adjust window script in CC Time to lock the status area instead of just hiding it.

If you want to force users to only log time against “their” cards, you can make the “show all cards” checkbox available only to admin users by wrapping it in a hidden portal. In this regard you might also check out the Filters page to learn how you can force users to log time against cards instead of using the filters.

You might also consider disabling reports as dollars if you want folks to be able to track hours but not dollars; you’ll need to edit a few If statements in the report scripts to accomplish this in addition to making the radio button.

How do I Remove the "admin / admin" Instructions from the Login Message?

Applicable Versions: Multi User Pro

Edit the “Login” script in CCTime.fp7 and change the message in the first “Show Custom Dialog” step.

Why can't I get into the Settings file (CCTSettings)?

Applicable Versions: Single User Pro, Multi User Pro

This file contains the Developers License of the Charts plugin from Waves in Motion, who require that the developer’s license be protected. This is the only reason the file is locked. We have provided an alternate, unlocked settings file without the developer’s license for those who wish to puchase multi-seat or site licenses from Waves in Motion. For more information, please consult the About Alternate Files.pdf inside the Alternate Files folder which shipped with CC Time.

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