Changing Appearance

Changing which fields display in the popover

You can configure which property details show up when you click on a property in the map. Learn more by reading about popovers.

Tool Tips

To change the value shown when you hover over a pin (before you click on it), edit the field "gm_MapData" in your properties table and change the field used in position two, after the comment "Marker Data: Position 1 - 5" Whatever is in position two will be used in the tool tip. Don't forget that you'll need to refresh the map after making changes to this field.

Changing Other Areas

In addition to just working on the main layouts, some of the other things you may want to change are in scripts or configured on their own layouts.

Changing pin colors and icons

See Icons and Pins

Changing the color and shape of area borders

See Area Outlines

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