Multiple Tables

Can I show records from multiple tables on the same map?

Yes, but you may need to get creative.

By default, the map is designed to show records from just one table--let's say that table is "stores" in your case. So if one of your filters/layers is "stores open less than 5 years" and another is "stores open less than 1 year" that's great. Both found sets are "stores".

But if one of your filters is "stores open less than 5 years" and another is "burglaries in 2016", then you may need to make some more substantive changes to ProMaps since it's unlikely that your database has "stores" and "burgalries" in the same table. Here are a couple approaches:

- You could point the map at an addresses table instead of at "stores". Some of these address records would be related to store records in your stores table, and some would be related to burglaries in your "crime" table. This is the most scalable approach and is probably something you could do yourself or you could hire us to help.

- SeedCode could modify ProMaps for you to point at more than one table. This can be done as part of an implementation package and generally takes three to five hours, depending on your setup. Details about implementation packages can be found here:

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