Routing Limits

How many addresses can I include in a route.

You can create routes with up to 8 addresses, plus the start and end addresses. With a free a Google API key, that limit is increased to 23 addresses, plus the start and end addresses.

Note that ProMaps also offers directions to any one property: just click on a pin in Map view and click the "Get Directions" link in the details popover.

Start and end addresses (home)

The start and end addresses can be the same address or different addresses, and both will be depicted with a "home" icon on the route. Both start and end addresses are required and can be altered in Settings / Routing.


SeedCode can customize ProMaps to pass route information back to your jobs and work orders to determine the order of a day's appointments, their start time, and even to set leave-by times in your calendar. Here's an example of one such integration with DayBack Calendar.


ProMaps will show the step-by-step directions for the route on the right side of the screen. We imagine your mobile users will have a copy of ProMaps as part of their mobile file. Accordingly, there is currently no built-in routine for printing these directions. But we can transform these steps into FileMaker records (one record per step) and print them as part of custom modifications. We can also help you create multiple "home" addresses for different locations, teams, or different users.

Custom modifications like these are available as part of implementation package; please get in touch to learn more.

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