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Free calendar no longer available

We've kept this documentation available for those that are still using the old SeedCode Calendar Pro in their solution, but we're no longer offering a free version of our calendar.

Check out our latest calendar solution here: DayBack Calendar for FileMaker

Having a free version was important previously because our Pro Calendar demo was locked and there was no way for folks to get in under the hood and see if it was something they could modify.

Our new DayBack calendar demo is now unlocked, so people can get in there and even integrate it with their own files before purchasing it.

Having a free version was also a recognition that our old calendar was kind of expensive for single users. We've now introduced a single user pricing tier and single user developers can subscribe to the calendar for $108 a year: less than half what it used to cost a single user developer to get started.

Finally, we never really liked the fact that folks were getting their first taste of SeedCode Calendar from a free version that--because it had fewer features--wasn't a great reflection of what a FileMaker calendar *could* be.

Now that users can try out the *real thing* and really get inside it to see if it will work for them, so we just don't see the need for a free version anymore.

SeedCodeCalendar: Free Version for FileMaker 12

SeedCode Calendar Free is no longer available.

The latest version the free calendar is 2.32 (November 23, 2012). Version History. Documentation for older versions of the calendar can be found here.

This free calendar lets you get used to our new FileMaker templates before you buy them, and for some people this free calendar may be all they need. This is the simplest and most elegant of our FileMaker Calendars. If you need more features, including the ability to filter appointments for each user, check out our Enhanced Versions.

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