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How can I alter the form of the Change Log?

Overview. SeedCode Complete comes with a very simple change log or "audit log" that can be used to tell who made which changes to a record. This is used in our display of recent items as well.

Users can see the change log for a record by clicking the small text at the bottom of the sidebar on most layouts.

Changes any of several key fields are logged, and the list of which fields count toward the log can be changed by following the instructions below. The log does not track deletions as the log for a given record is deleted when the record is deleted. If you'd like to expand this audit log to store the log outside the current record, and preserve deletions, please contact SeedCode for information about custom modifications.

How to modify the log settings. The actual format of the log is controlled in the custom function "SeedCode_ChangeLog" in the SeedCodeModel.fmp12 file. You'll need FileMaker Advanced to edit this function and will find the commenting pretty straight forward.

The content of the log, in terms of which fields' edits contribute to the log (which fields are logged) is found within the field definition of each table in the file SeedCodeModel.fmp12 Look at the field "ChangeLog" in the contacts table for an example (you'll find a field of this name in all the major data tables). In there you'll see the comment "// List the fields whose edits will be logged... " followed by a list of fields. Add or remove fields from this list, making sure each is wrapped in GetFieldName like this:

GetFieldName ( Name )

Adding the log to a new table. To log entries in a new table, copy and paste two fields from contacts...


... and then modify the contents of ChangeLog to list your new fields. Do not rename either of these two fields. That's it. The script "Show Change Log" is fully abstracted to show the log from any table it is based on.

Credits. This change log is based on the great Ultra Log demo by Ray Cologon.

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