Chat APIs


A series of special scripts in FM Chat can be used to create chats from your own scripts instead of creating chats by hand.

These API scripts can be used to notify users of actions within your solution, such as a project's status changing to "approved", or to let people know the results of server-side processes: that a scheduled routine has completed, or that some records have errors and need to be audited.

In this way, FM Chat can be the messaging conduit within your solution, letting users know what they should be paying attention to.

The APIs

Some scripts you paste into your solution, and some you call right in FM Chat....

NewChatFromEntity (entityID ; entityType ; entityName {; fileName}) This is the script you'd use to create Entity Chats linked to specific records in your solution (you paste this script into your file). This is the script we call in the example file "FMChat Integration Example.fmp12" and you can take a look at that example to see how to "call" this API.
SendMessageFromSystem (type ; message {; sendTo ; attachmentPath ; entityID ; entityType ; public }) You'd call this script directly in FMChat.fmp12, either from within your own scripts, or from FileMaker server to create System Chats. This script could be useful if you want to notify people when a something has happened. Maybe Filemaker Server completed a server side script or a sales order was converted to an invoice. Messages sent from this script are not sent from a person so anytime you want to notify someone of something but not from a specific person this script would be appropriate.

Please read the comments at the beginning of each script for additional details on the available parameters for each script.

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