Notifications are used to notify you of incoming messages. You can set as many notification preferences as you would like based on your current status.

There are two types of notifications, client side and server side. So some notifications will be produced by the client machine receiving the message and some will be produced by the server by utilizing a server side script.

The client side notification methods are:

Chat Window (A message window will open)
Growl (A growl notification will be sent)

A note on setting up growl notifications:

Growl notifications require that growl be installed. Growl is available on the Mac App store or a slightly older version is available for free from the growl website.. Because Filemaker isn't sandboxed the free version should work just fine. On Windows you will need to download and install Growl for Windows. Once Growl has been installed you can launch FMChat, navigate to your user settings by clicking on "My Profile" then on the "Notifications tab you can select Growl as a notification method. When you do this FMChat will automatically register itself with Growl and you can adjust your Growl notification preferences within Growl itself.

The server side notification methods are:

Email (An email will be sent via a server side script)
SMS (A text message will be sent via a server side script and the carrier's email to text gateway)

A note on server side notifications:

For server side notifications to work you will need to set up a server side script in Filemaker server. The script is "NotificationCheck" located in the "FMChat" file. If you are testing out the demo version of FMChat you can use the account "DEMO/DEMO" to run the script. For best results set the script to run every 5 minutes or less depending on how quickly you want the notifications to be sent out.

SMS Notifications:

We are utilizing email to SMS gateways provided by the cellular carriers. We focused on the U.S. carriers so if you don't see your cell provider on the list of options or SMS notifications are not working for you some adjustments may need to be made. We store the SMS gateway information in the "NotificationParameters" table. You can view the data in the table with the "Dev_NotificationParameters" layout. You can add new carrier records here or edit the ones already there. For reference here is a comprehensive list of SMS email gateway addresses: Wikipedia SMS Gateway List.

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