Version History

What is the latest version of FM Chat?

The latest build is 1.11 (March 8, 2018) This version applies some minor Welcome layout adjustments

Instructions for applying the 1.10 changes are included in the troubleshooting documentation here.

Please contact us if you'd like to get a copy of the new build.

Build 1.10 This version fixes an issue where entering a partial username or password allowed login and where FMChat couldn't register with Growl installed on a 64-bit Windows system.

Build 1.09 Fixed an issue that was causing offline notifications to clear out pending online notifications

Build 1.08 This version fixes many bugs and is recommended for all users. Some of the more notable changes include: fixed a bug that was preventing "Remember Me" from working properly. Fixed a bug that was preventing server-side notifications from working. Fixed a bug that was causing data detectors to fail in certain circumstances.

Instructions for applying the 1.08 changes to your file can be found here.

Build 1.01 (July 10, 2012) This version makes a couple of changes to the web viewer's chat display so that it is more obvious that in-chat links only work when the file is hosted. We also expanded the API script "SendMessageFromSystem" so that it can accept data-detector formatted message content: so your scripted messages can have data detector links in them.

Build 1.0 (June 26, 2012) First public release.

Build 0.183 (May 23, 2012) Private beta.

Build 0.168 (Mar 24, 2012) The first demo we sent to FileMaker, Inc.

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