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Signing In

When you first launch the FMChat file you will be presented with a welcome screen. From here you can choose to create a new account by clicking "Create Account" in the left sidebar or entering credentials for an existing account.

If you would like to use a test account that has some chats already created please sign in with these credentials:

User Name: f.miller
Password: fmiller

Once you have signed in you can click on "View My Chats" in the side bar to look at a couple of existing chats.

Types of Chats

Multi-Person Chats - creating the most common kind of chat
Public Chats - visible by anyone, not just chat participants
Entity Chats - a chat linked to one of your FileMaker records
System Chats - chats started by scripts, not users

Using FM Chat

To start a new chat simply click "Start A Chat" from the welcome layout, then from the "Start Chat" tab click on each user you would like to be involved in the chat. Once the users are selected click the "Start Chat" button.

You may notice that some of the messages in the existing chats have links that you can click on. These links were created using "Data Detectors". Data detectors can be modified in the "Admin Setup" section. You can access this section from the "Filemaker Pro" Menu on Mac and the "Edit" Menu on Windows. You can also navigate there from the "Welcome" layout.

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