What is the fmp: URL protocol?

This is a special URL, prefixed with fmp, that is answered by FileMaker Pro (or Go) instead of by your browser. These URLs can contain scripts and script parameters and it is by opening URLs like this that FMChat Data Detectors can talk to FileMaker Pro.

The URL protocol itself (the prefix) is registered with your operating system when FileMaker is installed. If you install more than one copy or uninstall lots of copies you can mess up this linkage of the URL with the most recent version of FileMaker and *no application* will answer the URL call.

FileMaker 16: Changes Required??

FileMaker introduced a new extended privilege in FileMaker 16 that permits the FMP URL protocol to function. If you are using Data Detectors in FMChat to run scripts in your file, you'll receive the error "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action" until you apply this fix by simply enabling the new privilege. Here's how:

1. Select File / Manage / Security from the FileMaker menus.
2. Click on the "Extended Privileges Tab", then double-click the "fmurlscript" keyword.
3. Check "on" for any privilege sets you wish to be able to use DayBack.
4. That's it! Your links should now work.

Why did FileMaker make this change? They believed that malicious users who knew your script names could trigger them from URLs even if you didn't provide buttons for those scripts. But users would still need to be logged into FMP with sufficient permission to run the script: the FMP URL doesn't bypass FileMaker security in any way.

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