Hierarchy On Your Layouts

Can I Show the Hierarchy on Existing Layouts in My File?

Yes. Our integration instructions describe how to add our hierarchy layout to your file. You'll want to do this first just to get things working. Once they are, however, you can place the hierarchy portal on any layout in your file. Here's how...

Create a new calculation in the table your layout is based on. If you're placing the hierarchy on a layout called "Inventory Items" based on a table called "Inventory" you'd create a new calculation in the "Inventory" table. Make this calculation return a number and be equal to "1" (we often name this field "CommonOne" or "_c_CommonOne").

The create a relationship from this new field to the "RecordNumber" field in Hierarchy so your graph looks like this:

Then you can copy the hierarchy portal and controls from the hierarchy layout in your file and paste it on any layout based on the "Inventory" table occurrence.

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