What went wrong?

The most common problem hooking the hierarchy up to your files is in getting the table occurrence (TO) names wrong. Make sure these are exactly the same as the names shown in steps 3 and 4 of our integration instructions. If you got them wrong, fix them, and then re-start the instructions from this point, re-pasting the field definitions, scripts, and layout objects so everything lines up.

Remember, all of the "HierarchyPortal..." relationships to your tables use the unique IDs of your tables (the primary keys). The only place you use something in addition to your primary keys is in the "HierarchyData..." relationships.

Also, compare your graph to the screen shots in our integration instructions: make sure that "HierarchyPortal" is between "Hierarchy" and your "HierarchyPortalLevel..." table occurrences.

If you're having trouble making new records in Example Three, make sure that you have your foreign key fields on each of the "HierarchyLevel__" layouts and that these fields are a) from the same table the layout is based on and , b) enterable in browse mode.

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