Does SeedCode Hierarchy Require any Plugins?

The hierarchy does not require any plugins and is drawn using all native FileMaker techniques.

However, we do include a couple of instances of zippScript code for people who have this free plugin. This plugin isn't required but it makes a couple of areas of the hierarchy a little more smooth...

1. When you type some contents into the filter field on Example Two, the zippScript plugin will run the "Filter Hierarchy" script automatically when you press "enter" or tab out of the field. This is done with an auto-enter calc on the field Hierarchy::FilterGlob and again, is not required.

2. The tabs in Example Three use zippScript to automatically call the script "Go to Correct Tab" as soon as a the example three layout is drawn. This isn't really necessary since most times you'll be using the "Example Three" button at the top of the screen to arrive here, but using the plugin is nice in case you may be arriving at the layout some other, non-scripted way. In this case the plugin is called through conditionally formatted orange text at the bottom of the example tab.

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