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Documentation and Integration Instructions for our Relational Hierarchy

The latest version of SeedCode Hierarchy is 7.4 (10/10/2008). Version History

SeedCode Hierarchy lets you add hierarchies, trees or outlines to your own FileMaker files. You essentially point the hierarchy at your relational structure and it renders your data in a hierarchy, allowing you to drill down and select items. You can even create new items right in the hierarchy, giving your users an elegant, intuitive way to work with your relational data.

Great for Bill of Materials, Inventory & Parts, Customers & Projects, or anything that can be depicted in a hierarchical (i.e. relational) structure.

SeedCode Hierarchy requires FileMaker 9 or higher.

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Integration: Adding the Hierarchy to Your Files

If you're doing a simple integration and will be using the features shown in Example One or Example Two, this is all you need to do:

If you wish to take advantage of the features demonstrated in Example Three, begin here:

Basic Integration, then read:

Finally, of you want to use the hierarchy in more than one context in our file, read the following after you've done of the integration options above:

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