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Can I reveal a given item in the hierarchy?

Yes. If you're on a record in one of your layouts and would like to see that record revealed in the hierarchy simply call the script "Reveal Item in Hierarchy ( ID )" while sending the unique ID of the record you're interested in as the script parameter. This script will open the hierarchy as needed to reveal your record. If the top-level parent of your record is not visible, we'll ask if you'd like to show all top level records before revealing your item.

You can use this script to have the hierarchy "keep up" with you while you navigate through your records. And you can call this script using the zippScript plugin if you want the current record to be displayed in the hierarchy while you scroll through records. See the documentation that comes with zippScript for more on how to trigger scripts when you arrive at a new record.

Note that this "Reveal Item in Hierarchy ( ID )" script attempts to switch layouts and end on the Hierarchy layout in our example. If you're showing the hierarchy on another layout in your file you may wish to edit this script or remove this part. To do so, find the comment beginning "If you might be calling this from somewhere else..." and edit or remove the next three lines.

Note that revealing items in this way does not work well when using self joins as such records can exist at more than one level of the hierarchy.

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