Importing Contacts

How can I import contacts into SeedCode Complete?

If your contacts are in a database that supports vCards you can export them as vCards and then import them into Complete using the Import vCards option from the File menu.

Otherwise, you'll want to use the Import Utility you can find in the Extras folder that came with Complete. This Utility is a simple single-table file you can import into using any of FileMaker's built in import capabilities (for more about those, consult FileMaker's built in help, searching for "import records".

Once you have your contacts in the importer, simply click "Send these Contacts to Complete" and we'll do the rest, creating the related company records and the related phone, fax, and email records necessary. This can take a few minutes, however (we recently imported 20,000 contacts and it took about 40 minutes) so be patient.

Some things to keep in Mind

One company record is created for each unique company name and contacts linked to those companies.
SeedCode Complete has a lot of data formatting going on in its auto-enter calcs. Complete will be formatting phone numbers and removing text styles from contact names and addresses, so you don't need to do that in the importer.
The import utility only contains fields for 3 phone numbers, 3 email addresses, 3 urls, 3 fax numbers, and 3 addresses per contact. If you need to import more than that, you can modify the "Send One Contact" script in our importer, or contact SeedCode for a quote to import the data for you.
For more tips on importing and cleaning data, look at the following topics in FileMaker's built in help: "Importing" "Replace Field Contents"
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