Licensing in SeedCode Complete

Per-user licensing was introduced in version 3.0 of SeedCode Complete.

SeedCode Complete is licensed on a per-user basis. Like FileMaker, this is based on the total number of users, not the concurrent users (the users who happen to be on at the same time).

You can purchase additional user licenses at any time and they "stack up". So if you originally purchase 3 licenses, and then purchase 5 more, you'll have two licenses entered into SeedCode Complete, for a total of 8 users.

To add a license, open SeedCodeLicense and log in as an Administrator. Once you've logged in you'll see a tab for Licenses. Follow the instructions there and you'll be all set.

How it Works

While we think of this as a "user" license, it is really tied to the devices (machines) connecting to Complete. Each machine needs a license. So if you have one machine that is shared among many users (like a time clocking machine) that just needs a single license. Conversely, if a given user has a couple of machines, each one of those needs a license, though you can delete users/devices to make room for newly added or rarely used machines.

You can also link a FileMaker Go device to a Pro device so the two only take up one license. Instructions for this can be found on the Users tab of the license file.

Deleting Users / Devices

Users are recorded in our licensing module as soon as they open the SeedCodeComplete file. You may want to delete users if they are no longer active or if they switch from one machine to another. For example, if Bill usually connects from his desktop and then gets a new laptop, you'll want to delete his user record for the desktop so he doesn't take up two of your licenses. (Don't worry about deleting the wrong Bill user: a new one will be created as soon as Bill connects from his new laptop.)

If Bill wants to use both his laptop and his desktop, then he'll take up two users licenses, just as he'd need two licenses of FileMaker Pro.

To delete a user, open SeedCodeLicense.fp7 and log in as an Administrator. Once you've logged in you'll see a tab for Users; click on that tab and then click the red "x" beside the user you'd like to delete.

The License File

Our licenses are managed in the file SeedCodeLicense. Unlike the rest of Complete, you can't edit fields or scripts in this file, though you can edit layouts so that you can change the way the file looks. (Your users will likely never see this file, however.)

The file is kind of like a plugin, just in the form of a FileMaker file. Complete will open but won't work without the SeedCodeLicense file.

You can rename the SeedCodeLicense file, providing you change the file reference for it in SeedCodeComplete. See renaming files for more. (There are no file references / data sources in SeedCodeLicense to edit when you rename other files.)

More Licensing Details

All FileMaker and FileMaker Go clients of the SeedCodeComplete file count as users. So if "Bill" connects from both his laptop, using FileMaker Pro, and his iPad, using FileMaker Go, he'd normally take up two user licenses. (Note that if this only happens occasionally you can delete one of these user/devices from the SeedCodeLicense file so it doesn't take up a seat.) You can, however, link any Go device to a FM Pro device so they share the same license. You'll see notes for this on our licensing screen in Complete: select two devices and then click the "chain" icon to bind them.
If a Go user connects using GoZync, they are usually connecting just to the GoZyncConnector file, or to a new interface file optimized for GoZync, so they won't use up a license unless they open SeedCodeComplete.
Server-side scripts don't take up a user license. IWP clients do require a license for each IWP user.
CWP clients would use up a license if you use the SeedCodeComplete file or scripts in it; if your PHP code just hits the data file you won't use up a license.
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