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These are the notes for GoZync 3. Docs for the latest version of GoZync--GoZync 4--can be found here. GoZync 4 is a free upgrade and is highly recommended (hint: it's faster).

Why use auto processing?

The "round trip" option tells the mobile file to post its changes to the host and then process those changes. So why would you want to process changes with a server-side script instead?

The reason is speed. When the mobile file does the processing, it opens your hosted solution over its WIFI or 3G connection, and that can take a bit of time. It also means the processing is done on the (relatively) wimpy processor of your iPhone or iPad.

So it can be much faster to have the mobile file just push its changes, and then have a server-side script pick up those changes and process them every X minutes. (And because GoZync is transactional, you'll never have the server processing an incomplete record a record that hasn't finished getting posted to the server.)

How can I process the inbox automatically?

You can process your inbox automatically by a) setting "Process Automatically" to "On" from the Inbox tab of GoZyncHosted, and b) setting up a FileMaker Server Script Schedule to run the script "Auto Processing" as often as you'd like to process records.

If you haven't added any additional scripting into GoZync's workflow, then you're done.

If you have added some workflow scripts, or changed the script "Default Set Field" in GoZyncHosted, there are a few server-side considerations to keep in mind regarding our auto-processing script and any scripts you have it call:

Make sure the script only uses Server-compatible script steps (you can find those by toggling "show compatibility" in the lower right of the Edit Scripts window).
References to Get ( CurrentTime ) in this script will use the time of your FileMaker Server. Get ( AccountName ) will return the name of the logged in user (set when you create the schedule).
If there are script steps in your script that are not supported in Server, the script will stop running as soon as it hits one, unless the Allow User Abort script step option is included and disabled (Off).
Be sure to call the "Commit Records/Requests" step at the end of any scripts you chain on to ours (any processing you want to do once you've created/edited a record in your solution).
Script schedules on FileMaker Server require an account to run under. GoZyncHosted is completely unlocked, so you can just use Admin / blank as the account and password, but you'll likely want to create an account in GoZyncHosted that matches the accountname and password used in your "mothership" file, so that when this script schedule runs, GoZyncHosted will be able to pass that username and password down into your file to open it when it begins adding/editing records there.
To learn more about server side scripts, read the section "Running FileMaker Scripts" on the FileMaker Server 12 Help pdf.
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