Build Numbers

These are the notes for GoZync 3. Docs for the latest version of GoZync--GoZync 4--can be found here. GoZync 4 is a free upgrade and is highly recommended (hint: it's faster).

What are build numbers?

When you upload a new version of a mobile file GoZync will increment the build number automatically. This is how GoZync can tell if a user has the latest version of a mobile file or not.

Letting your users download new builds of your apps is one of the killer features of GoZync.

How do uploaded mobile files get new build numbers?

The work is actually done in the script "Increment Build Number" in GoZyncMobile. We store the build number along with some metadata about which user created the build, and when in a serial number field in the table gz in your mobile file (you added that table to your file during integration).

Here is the calc we use to extract the build number:

Let ( [
n = GetNextSerialValue ( Get ( FileName ) ; "gz::MetaData" ) ;
n = Substitute ( n ; "|" ; "" ) ;
n = GetValue ( n ; 1 )
] ;
GetAsNumber ( n ) & Left ( PrimaryIDGLOB ; 0 )

By changing the 1 in our GetValue line to a 2, 3, or 4, you can extract the timestamp of that build, the author, etc. (though you probably don't want to use "get as number" when going after the time or author).

Can I set the build number by hand?

Sure, before you upload your file, simply change the next serial number value for the metadata field in the gz table in your file. Be sure to just change the "build number" part of the meta data: the number to the left of the first pipe. And set it to a number 1 lower than what you want the build number to be, as GoZync will increment this when you upload the file.

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