These are the notes for GoZync 3. Docs for the latest version of GoZync--GoZync 4--can be found here. GoZync 4 is a free upgrade and is highly recommended (hint: it's faster).

Processing the inbox

For errors processing the inbox in GoZyncHosted, see processing errors.

General Gotchas

Nothing works.

The most common issue when setting up as sync is that records appear not to sync but are simply waiting in the GoZyncHosted InBox to be processed. This could be because of a field mapping error, or simply because you only "pushed" and didn't do a round trip. You can learn more about how to automate inbox processing here: inbox processing.
If the integration checks out with green check marks but you get NO sync action, try clicking the "reset" button in the lower left of GoZync mobile: it may be just that you don't have changes since your last sync.
If that doesn't help it is likely your file references (External Data Sources): more on checking those here.
You'll also want to make sure that the mobile users are authenticated into your hosted solution (via GoZyncHosted) with a privilege set that lets them edit records. If all that sounds like stuff you've never heard of, this likely isn't your problem. This only comes up when folks have more elaborate security set ups.
If you're not seeing records pushed up from Mobile to Hosted, the records could be ending up in GoZyncHosted's inbox and simply have processing errors (field name mismatch, etc.) check the GoZycHosted inbox to see if they are there.

Some fields not syncing.

The most common cause of unexpected sync behavior is that you're not syncing the layout you think you are. Remember, GoZync syncs the fields on your sync layout so visit the Integration in GoZyncHosted and make sure the layouts you've specified there are the ones you want to use.
Want to look closer? Turn off Field Level Merge in Zync Options and perform a sync for the table in question. Now visit the InBox in GoZyncHosted and export the last package: you'll see the fields being synced at the beginning of the package. If the fields you want to sync aren't there, they aren't on your sync layout in your mobile file.
Remember, you'll only see a package in InBox if you push or round-trip, to see pull packages, look at the Zync Logs tab in GoZyncMobile for the last package processed: that will show you the fields on your hosted zync layout.
For more on processing the inbox in GoZyncHosted, see processing errors.

Related records not syncing.

This is either because the related fields aren't on your sync layout, or that you haven't actually triggered a modification in the parent record.
It could also be that the portals on your sync layout use a relationship not based on the primary key of the layout's table. Portal data to be synced must be related to the primary key of the table the portal is on. More complex relationships should be synced as their own layouts.
Finally, we've seen a few cases where the relationship used if your solution is based on fields X and Y where the graph you wired up in GoZyncMobile uses a field than X for the primary key in your table. Double check that what your solution uses as the primary key for a relationship is the same field you use as a primary key in the graphs of GoZyncMobile and GoZyncHosted.

Other things to check...

The sync layouts in your files can not have script triggers on them.
Visit the integration again in GoZyncHosted and click through the tabs for each table: tabs like "Field and Scripts" will run checks to make sure you don't have bad field names.

License Violation Detected

Pretty rare, but if you're seeing this message it can be caused by one of three things:

You're syncing more than your license allows.
You're trying to call some of the GoZync sub scripts without including our license file (unlikely, unless you're trying to bypass the license).
Some of your field, layout, or table occurrence names include prohibited characters (!/~;&# etc) This is the most likely reason.
Or one of your layouts is corrupt. For this one, sync each layout individually from GoZyncMobile and if you find one that gives the license error delete, that sync layout in your hosted and mobile file and recreate it. (These are the layouts in YOUR files, not on GoZynHosted, or GoZyncMobile.)
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