Processing Errors

These are the notes for GoZync 3. Docs for the latest version of GoZync--GoZync 4--can be found here. GoZync 4 is a free upgrade and is highly recommended (hint: it's faster).

The most common errors

Here is what the Inbox tab of GoZyncHosted might look like if you have processing errors. That is, errors pushing changes you've received from your mobile file into the hosted tables:

On the mobile side we don't have an inbox (since there is just one user per device) so errors show up in the Zync Log tab of GoZyncMobile (note the 102 error in the fourth line from the bottom):

The following notes should help you resolve any of these set field errors.

If you have records in your inbox that aren't processing, export the raw error log to see what the issue is (I like to check "Automatically open file" when exporting). Many of the errors will be self explanatory, but the guide below may help.

101 Record is missing. This is about the table occurrence, not the field.
Most likely reason for this is that you don't have "Allow creation of records..." set to "on" for this table in its relationship with GoZync in the graph of either GoZyncHosted or GoZyncMobile (whichever file where you're seeing the error).
Turn "Allow creation..." on for the table occurrence mentioned in the error and then try again.
102 Field Missing. There are only a few reasons why you'd see a 102 error.
You've sent a field that doesn't exist in the destination. Remove the field from the sync layout on the source side (the sending side) or add it to the receiving side.
The field exists but has a different name in the destination. See Custom Field Mapping to transform the field name.
You've created a transformation (a custom field mapping) but your field is repeating and you haven't created a field mapping for each repetition.
error = 102 ; message = "We couldn't set this field \"Options:\"" ; $ScriptName = "Set Fields" ;
When you see "Options:" this is a variant on a simple 102 error and indicates a problem on your sync layout.
GoZync can only sync related table occurrences linked to the primary key of the table the sync layout is based on. Tables linked to other fields or linked to related tables instead of the table the layout is based on will cause problems if fields from these tables are on the sync layout.
So check to make sure all the related fields on your sync layout are from relationships that are a) just one hop away, and b) liked the primary key of the table you're syncing.
106 Table is Missing
There is a mismatch between the table occurrence names found in the package being processed and the TO names connected to GoZync in your destination file (in GoZyncHosted or GoZyncMobile).
You may have related fields in your package but don't have their TO connected to GoZync in your destination file.
Or you simply don't have the right name either for the TO on the graph itself, OR in the integration setup in GoZyncHosted: you may have selected the wrong table occurrence or changed the TO name since the integration was done.
301 Record is in use by another user. Commonly called "record lock".
This is exactly what it sounds like.
FileMaker couldn't edit the record (or one of the related records for that inbox entry) because another user was editing it. Feel free to reprocess the record later when the original user has stopped editing it.
500-511 Validation Errors.
These will occur when the data coming in fails to meet the validation criteria set up one one of your fields.
Hover over the error and our tool tip will tell you the field which created the error and what kind of validation was offended.
You can turn off the validation or change it from "always" to "only during data entry" which will stop it from firing during scripted set fields like those used in GoZync.


In GoZyncHosted, simply select any inbox items you'd like to reprocess and hold down the shift key while clicking "Process Selected Items". You can even do this with inbox items that haven't had errors. Re-processing is a great way to test your custom field mapping without having to be constantly Zyncing.

On the mobile side you can't re-process so you'll need to Zync again. If your sync is only bringing down changed records, you may need to clear the last zync time for that device to ensure you get your records again.

Note that since you can't get 301 errors on mobile, the only errors you should ever have on the mobile side should be during testing, unless you change field names in the hosted side while doing custom field mappings.

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