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These are the notes for GoZync 3. Docs for the latest version of GoZync--GoZync 4--can be found here. GoZync 4 is a free upgrade and is highly recommended (hint: it's faster).

Quick Contact

GoZync 3 comes with a simple contacts file that you can use both to demo the Zync and as a place to copy scripts from. There are some scripts you may want in your file, such as scripts to trigger a zync, check for a new version of the file, etc.

QuickContacts is pretty simple: it has a few fields about the contact, a place to record a few photos, and a notes field. It's not a fully fleshed out contact manager, but more like something you'd use to quickly capture the people you met at a trade show. (We used it this way at DevCon 2012.)

There is also a very simple hosted version of QuickContact in the Host folder. The version of QuickContact in the Local folder is the one that goes on your iPhone, iPad, or laptop and runs offline except when you need to sync.

You'll find a set of layouts optimized for iPad, and a set for iPhone. Instructions for moving the scripts here into your own file can be found in our integration articles.

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