First Zync

These are the notes for GoZync 3. Docs for the latest version of GoZync--GoZync 4--can be found here. GoZync 4 is a free upgrade and is highly recommended (hint: it's faster).

Testing your first sync

Once you've completed the integration for one table, you can test your sync. While you'll eventually want to test this from your iPhone, iPad, or laptop (offline) to your host/server, you can start testing right now, in FileMaker Pro, with all the files opened by the same copy of Pro.

(Remember, GoZync doesn't need FileMaker Server, so you can test it in Pro as you're developing.)

Turning on Testing Mode

If you have more than a hundred records to sync, you may want to set Testing Mode to "ON" n the upper right of the dashboard layout of GoZyncHosted.

Testing Mode was introduced in version 3.171

Testing Mode restricts the sync to consider just the last 5 records in your table as having changed since the last sync. This can make troubleshooting much quicker as you don't have to wait for long syncs (such as after hitting "reset" in GoZyncMobile).

Zync It!

1. In your mobile file, navigate to the layout selected for syncing in step one of Tab 1 of 4. Enter browse mode. Make a new record on this layout and fill out a few fields or if you're pulling records only, make a new record in the corresponding table of your hosted file.

2. Still in your mobile file, open scripts and find the script "Zync It - This Table" inside the folder "GoZync".

3. Run that script. In FileMaker Pro you'll see a progress bar as the sync completes. In FileMaker Go you'll see a spinning busy icon.

4. What happens next depends on the Zync Options you set for your table.

Push: If all you did was push, visit the Inbox of GoZyncHosted; you'll see your newly Zynced records waiting for you at the end of the inbox. Select one or more of those and click "Process Selected Items". If you didn't have any processing errors you can now see your records in your hosted file.
Pull: If you pulled, and you created a record in hosted, you should see that new record you created on the host now in your mobile file. If you pulled without first pushing, then the new record you created on Mobile was deleted because it didn't "belong" to you on the host. Learn more about how GoZync handles deletes.
Round Trip: With only having created one new record, you'll see that new record in your hosted file, much as if you pushed and then processed the inbox.

See any errors?

If so, the logs are the first place to go: Reading the Logs.

You might also check out: Troubleshooting.

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