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How Do I export Appointments to iCal

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Click on the “Search” button from any of the Day, Week, or Month view screens. You’ll be taken to a list of appointments matching your current screen (if you were on the month view, the found set will be appointents with Start Dates in that month). You may either use the found et presented or use the tools at the top of the search screen (such as “enter FindMode”) to build a new found set. Once you have the found set you want, click “Export to iCal Format” at the bottom of the search screen.

This routine will export a file called “cccalendar.ics” which you can the drag to ical or upload to a web server running PHPiCalendar?.

One nice thing about this is that each found set you export from CC Calendar becomes its own "calendar" in iCal and PHPiCalendar, so you can kind of filter iCal as you filter CC Calendar, providing you export each appointment type as its own found set. If you are frequently exporting several found sets, you may wish to automate this using the Events Plugin from to export the files every x hours.

This is definitely our favorite way to web publish read only calendars. In addition to automating your exports as described above, you can use one of the ftp plugins available for FileMaker 7 to script the delivery of your .ics files to your web server for truly seamless automation.

I'm publishing CC Calendar via ical and when I export it says is missing the ccfm2cal.xsl

It is likely that you moved CC Calendar without moving the iCalXML folder that came with it. The CCFM2iCal.xsl file is in that folder. Simply place this file wherever you'd like (you can even place it on your web server and reference it with a url) and then change the reference for it in the "Export Found Set as iCal" script in CC Calendar. (You change the reference in the "Export Records" step near the end of the script. Click "Specify" next to "Specify Output File" and then click OK to get the XSL Options Settings.)

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