Layout Names

Can I change layout names?

Applicable Versions: Free, Full, Pro.

Layout names are not really an issue in the Free version except for the “About” layouts. The names of these layouts are hard coded into the “About Tab” script of CC Calendar, so if you change the names of these “About” layouts, please be sure to edit this script as well.

In the Full and Pro Versions, layout names are used extensively throughout the system to reduce the number of scripts required. For instance, the names of the Day layouts are used in the “Day Tab” script to move to the correct layout. All these layouts must share the same initial string (currently “Daily”) and must end with the naming convention of O-O where ”O” indicates a visible portal and “-” a hidden one.

The “Go to Day from Month / Week / Year” script also patterncounts the names of the Day and Month layouts so be sure to edit this script if you changes layout names.

Note: Tables Occurrence and Table Names are used extensively in the scripts of all versions; you may modify file references as needed, but do not change table names or table occurrence names.

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