Other Items

What are "Other Items" (formerly related Items A and B)?

Applicable Versions: Full, Pro.

These are place holders for FileMaker tables you may already have. For instance, you may have databases of vacation schedules, travel, or conference room bookings that you’d like to see in the calendar in addition to the main calendar of appointments. You can easily swap out one of both of these “Other Items” files for your own table of date related information. If you do not have any tables you’d like to use these for, we’d encourage you to simply cut the relevant objects off of the Day, Week, and Month views, and to paste them on to a new “scrap” layout, rather than removing them completely.

While we discourage you from renaming table occurrences, you may wish to rename the layout object and window name s that make reference to “Other Items”, changing this into something more relevant to your business. If you change these names, be sure to look at the window name references in the scripts “New Mini Window”, “New Other Item”, and “Edit Other Item”.

Note that the blue indicators on the Mini-Calendars and year view indicate the presence of “Appointments” only, not the presence of Other Items or To-Do List (Pro Version only) records.

'''In CC Calendar versions prior to 5.4 there were two additional tables of data which could be shown on the calendar: related items A and B. As with Other Items, these were place holders for FileMaker tables you may already have. The new version of the calendar turned related items A into the To-Do list (Pro Version only) and left related Items B as a place holder, renaming it “Other Items”.

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