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The time display only refreshes when edits are "continued" (day and week views).

Applicable Versions: Pro.

The Daily view of the Pro Version of CC Calendar displays the hours for a given day in a vertical list, visually indicating which hours have appointments in them. This display does not refresh at the same time as the appointment list itself when editing appointments. Changes made in the editing window are immediately visible in the appointment list but are not visible in the “hours list” until the “continue” button is pressed in the editing window.

For instance if there is an appointment from 9am until 2pm; I can edit that appointment to begin at 11am instead. The appointment list will show the new time right away, but the hours list will continue to show that appointment beginning at 9am until I press continue.

(Actually, the time will remain at 9am for a moment or so after continue is pressed, changing to 11am just before cursor control is returned to the user.)

The same is true for the blue dots on the Daily view’s mini-calendars?: these do not reflect appointment edits until the changes have been committed using the “continue” button.

How can I change the earliest appointment time visible on the Day and Week views?

Applicable Versions: Pro.

The default starting time can be changed on the “Settings” section of the About screen. In the right half of the screen, simply change the value in “Show Appointment Times Starting at.”

Note that you can also “scroll” the visible times. Show earlier times by clicking on the minus sign to the top left of the visible hours; later times may be shown by clicking on the plus sign to the lower left of the visible hours.

Why do Appointments appear to last longer than they are in the vertical display of Appointment Times?

Applicable Versions: Pro.

We have chosen to visually depict appointments through their end time, instead of “to” their end time. Here is a description of the issue: in the shipping version of CCCalendar Pro, an appointment from 9am to 10am will be depicted with 9am colored in blue, as well as with the slots for 9:15, 9:30, 9:45, and 10am also colored blue. Depending upon how you think of the calendar, this may be misleading as the 10am time slot may not actually be spoken for: the appointment could be thought of “ending precisely at 10am.”

You can easily change the calendar so that an appointment from 9am to 10am would NOT color 10am blue (only the following times would be colored: 9am, 9:15, 9:30, and 9:45). To make this change, enter Define Database and view the relationship graph. Edit the relationship between HoursVisibleDaily and AppointmentsHoursVisibleDaily. This relationship is based on several criteria, but only one of these uses the ApptKeyTimeEndCalc in AppopintmentsHoursVisibleDaily. This pair of criteria currently uses the less-than-or-equal-to operator. Simply change this to less-than and you’ll have made the change.

Please note a couple consequences of making this change. Simple appointments with no start time will not show up in the vertical display of appointment times unless you edit the ApptKeyTimeEndCalc to so that it returns a time one minute past the start time when there is no end time. You might edit the calc to make the same end time (1 minute past start) if the end time entered equals the start time. There are a number of decisions to be made here about how you’d like the times to show up. Hopefully this example has pointed out the factors to be considered and the elements of CC Calendar which can be manipulated as you make these decisions.

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